Pudú ~ Cassette tapes

Federico Durand : Música para Manuel
Label : Pudú (Argentina)
Cat.No : Pudú 2
Release date : April 14th. 2014
Format : Cassette-tape 
Artwork by Federico Durand + Lucía Mancilla Prieto
"Música para Manuel" (マニュエルに捧げる音楽) is dedicated to Manuel Mellado, my grandfather who lost his father and mother being a child and was, and still is, a very important presence in my life. 

This album was recorded with piano, tape-loops, music box and Sony TCM-200DV recorder.

I released 50 cassette-tapes -only- for the concerts in Tokyo Kyoto and Kamakura during the Japanese Tour ~ 花見 2014.

Sold out.

You can purchase the digital version of this album HERE.

Federico Durand : Adormidera
Label : Pudú (Argentina) + SNPB (Brazil)
Cat.No : Pudú 1 
Release date : April 23th. 2012
Format : Cassette-tape + Original silkscreen signed by artists.
Edition : 50 copies.
Artwork by Gustavo Gialuca.

Melodies recorded with a 4 tracks Fostex X-18 and almost destroyed cassette-tapes from 70's. Analogue and poetic sounds. "Adormidera" (Poppy) was a very limited souvenir for my European Tour 2012. It is a collaboration between my friends from São Paulo, Si No Puedo Bailar No Es Mi Revolución, and Pudú, my brand new little press.

Sold Out.